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This blog is a means to challenge myself as an artist in hopes to someday be able to inspire others as I have been inspired by so many people to pursue art as a lifestyle

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Charcoal 001 - So need to get paid...

This is basically how I'm feeling about money right now.

Charcoal on Stonehenge Paper

I'm looking for commissions, projects, interested buyers for my art, open minds to help me with ideas on where I can take my art, just anyone who can help in some shape or form.

I have my currently limited stash of materials, and my creativity. I want to expand and bring about a community of artistry as a whole. It'd be dope to see musicians, dancers, designers, painters, graffiti artists, DJs, MCs, etc. And everyone is kickin it together spreading ideas and just vibing with each other. I'm on this whole soul tip and I really wanna spread the idea of knowing the feeling of rhythm and how it can transcend to everything else and I've got homies who're down to make something happen, but money seems to be an issue that's hard to ignore.

This recession may be terrible but right now has to be the lowest that I feel from now on, it should never get to this point ever. I know I shouldn't worry about money as there should always be money at least just to get by as one of my friends said. There's gotta be a way to make something happen and to bring everyone else I hold close up with me. Basically I'm looking for anyone who's either down to help or down to actually make this reality.

Cuz I'm broke and I gotta fix this.


  1. wuddup troy! it's jo.
    Told you I'd hit you up =)

  2. As with this image, the future is always unclear. What should be kept in mind however, is that the image still represents Soulful Artistry.

    Soulful Sin

    Faceless, with a lack of definite figure,
    As clear as ink on paper.
    Faceless, only what eyes see;
    Only what is seen to be.
    Hideous, grotesque, gorgeous,
    Monstrosity, continuously sung in chorus.
    Without cessation, between verses of praise,
    Which, at first sight are immediately debased.
    Remember, Soulful Artistry.
    Soulful eyes, Soulful skin,
    Soulful shadow, (gazed upon indifferently),
    Soulful existence, Soulful sin.
    Chaos; Soulful Artistry enduring within.