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This blog is a means to challenge myself as an artist in hopes to someday be able to inspire others as I have been inspired by so many people to pursue art as a lifestyle

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Painting 002


Acrylic on Stonehenge


This was made with a lot of layers. If the process were recorded as a live painting there would have been a good number of different images revealing themselves as I painted. Twas fun. Music and painting seem to work pretty well =]


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  2. She was tired of being a slave to her headphones. She was tired of being tied to the turntables that made her life, and of being trapped by them indefinitely. Her music had lifted her from the depths of boredom, and yet, she could not escape boredom's grasp. It followed her wherever she went, and in whatever she did. She realized that this wasn't her, she wasn't being herself in the purest form. She wanted to reveal her true colors, express more freely (as she is convinced she will) her personality. Paper is her answer, so she parts her hair, and in spite of how thin the line is that her future walks on, she looks up; she looks up at her new found freedom, and begins to express herself, her true colors are revealed! She doesn't know though, that she walks from prison to prison. Cage to cage. From one trap to another. HOWEVER, with each new transformation, she sets herself free. No longer is she trapped between her headphones; no longer is she imprisoned by the edges of her paper; no longer is she caged within her human body. She has undergone her final transformation. She has become the transformations, the idea, the revelation, the movement that is: Soulful Artistry.