Diamond Bar, CA, United States
This blog is a means to challenge myself as an artist in hopes to someday be able to inspire others as I have been inspired by so many people to pursue art as a lifestyle

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I dance

Since I'm also a dancer as well as an aspiring professional choreographer I figure I'm going to showcase that side of me on this blog too. Most of the past posts were paintings, drawings, etc. and I'm trying to find that part of me. That's why this blog was made in the first place. But I realized there's the other side which I internally somewhat neglected and yet it's always been right there in front of me as something I should still continue to pursue. I'm part of Mavyn Entertainment Company, a co-director of Goon Squad, a member of Tha Acadamee, Street Family, Boxcutters. Here's a few youtube videos of my random choreography from classes I've taught at Stylz Dance Studio.

I teach a Beginner Freestyle 101/Intro to Choreo class every Monday at 6pm.

But now I might as well put what training I have from all the past experiences I've had and actually do more now. Deff gotta get back on the grind of things 'cause I've been stagnant lately and doin too much internal thinking and not putting enough external output.

As always the main goal is to take my love for artistry as a whole and give that to the world. Dancing is very much a big part of this artistry that I do so I'm going to get back to focusing on being as multitalented as I possibly can.

I need to give a shoutout to my main inspirations as well. If not for people like Jay Chris Moore, Bobbie Lota, Jesse Trinidad, Jason Bueno, JP Goldstein, Sal de Joya, David Lim, Lydia Paek, Nicole Calinawan, every other artist(in any shape and form) I've met and gained insight from, and my parents, I wouldn't be at this stage of life where I'm actually pursuing something that I love to do, which is art.