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Friday, October 23, 2009


Been living my days trying to get a grasp of what I'm meant to do in the world.
What does that mean?
What is one to do to find purpose?
A reason to dance
To do art
To become a master
To be somebody
Many lose their path in their striving to find purpose
Purpose comes from within
In most cases it's right under our noses.
Just do it?
Do what?
I know there's no try.
Trying leads to failure because there's still the underlying belief that failure may be possible.
But to just do, doing leads to doing more.
But what to do?
Where to start?
How to start?
Where to continue?
Endless possibilities...
It's all different yet all leads to the same thing.

Love please give me faith that things will be okay. I'm finding myself losing my way.
Slowly becoming unsure of myself. Slowly unsure of the path I'm taking. Wondering....

In a sense I want to know my destiny. With a purpose, I'd feel that everday was a step in progress towards my goal. But then, maybe I've lost sight of what I want to do. I spose?

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