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Friday, June 12, 2009

My Current Level Of Awareness

Life is great! My back is hurting a little bit but it's getting better. Been going to the chiropractor this past week I'm scheduled for it again this coming Monday. Everyone's been telling me to lay off my back. And I have, but it's made me more receptive to figuring out what else I can do with my body in terms of dancing. I'm still dancing regardless of whether my back is out of commission or not. For the moment, it is, hopefully by Sunday it will be decently healed.

Last Saturday was ABDC Auditions, and I'm hoping, praying, wishing, and wanting so badly to get on the show right now with Tha Acadamee. Either way it's not the end by any means regardless of the outcome, but the experience would be so fulfilling and it would open up a lot of doors for the crew. Just sending it out there, please root for us!

And now to the actual point of this update. Life is getting easier, and "coincidental" ocurrences are more common in my life. I'm surrounded by the most amazing individuals each in their own respect. It's a lot easier to trust myself with what I'm doing now. The hardest part is that I don't know what exactly I want to accomplish, down to one thing. I want so many things in life. I'd like to experience everything as an addative to my adventure. I'd like to be a powerful creative individual in several forms at once. People may say it's impossible to master so many things at once but I feel the opposite should be possible.

Why do we place limiting beliefs upon ourselves?
If the mind is so powerful, why has society told us otherwise?

There's such a lack of trust, that trusting oneself becomes something to be relearned. As children we are powerful beyond imagination. As we grow, we are sometimes taught that we're not good enough to reach our dreams by our own peers. And then we meet people who tell us otherwise, then they become our true friends.

Finding myself and reaching enlightenment is a difficult path. Finding my life's purpose is also a difficult thing to attain. It's all internal and there are so many possibilities. What must one do to reach the full potential? Taking the first step may be hard but what am I stepping towards?

I aim to inspire regardless of what I do in this life. At the end of the day everything will be okay, because life gets better with each present moment.

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  1. you truly are an inspiration, love!

    &I hope I'll get to see you on ABDC!