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Monday, June 22, 2009

It's A Beautiful Day Outside!

I woke up for the first time in a long time around 630AM. Early, and it's clear outside! No clouds for once and it's beautiful to see the Sun on the rise.

Later tonight I'm also teaching Boogiezone Community Class for the first time!

Seems there may be many firsts today. Each day is a new awakening and my awareness is constantly growing in presence as I live to pursue my dreams to hopefully inspire other people to do whatever it is they have a passion for. The heart and soul are what matters, the material things are secondary. Money is secondary. Money will come, but faith in oneself is what's needed for that to happen. I can struggle and still be happy, because as cliche as it may seem, true wealth comes from within.

Suddenly it's not so hard to realize that which I'm set out to do. I want the people in my world to be happy. Forget all the past struggles because they're not happening at the moment NOW. Plan for the future but forget about it till it comes because it's not in the moment, NOW.

Why am I saying that?

I recently read the book The Power of Now and it resonated at a high frequency with me. It all made sense. I've been reading a lot of books in my search for spiritual enlightenment. I can't look at the world the same anymore. I daresay a lot of religions became so radical and obscured to the point now that the true messages got convoluted!

Live well, be good, and stay free. That's all that matters. Thoughts are tools to help us. But so many people have given in to be consumed by those thoughts that the true essence of life is lost. Life is more than this physical dimension. And even then this is all that currently IS at the moment.

So why worry? Why stress? Why bother to think negatively if it only makes life worse? Why would anyone want to kill their own souls by living life in disharmony from the self? People are trippin and it doesn't make sense. I've gone from a stage of extreme low to this natural high.

Good is good, and bad can only make me a better person so either way it's still good.

Today's a great day. Every moment I have with other people I cherish. Every moment I have to myself I cherish. There's a lot of love to go around, at least in my world. Either way I'm having fun with life.

Are you? =]

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