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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Truth I've Discovered

As I write this I am coming closer and closer to an enlightened stage. I've come to realize that reality is a fraction of the whole. It is an external representation of the inside source. That inside source which is within every person has the ability to manifest a reality that is desireable. Although there are multiple names to illustrate the idea of this kind of creation, such as the Law of Attraction, Ho'oponopono, the Divine Matrix (Ideas from which I've read, discussed, and learned through listening), they all relate to the same idea.

Love is the basis of all these ideal states of being.

When I trust myself and trust this feeling, I can literally feel the world shift in a positive light. By trusting myself and achieving a mindstate where I am not forcing control of myself, but instead letting go of myself, I am able to attract positive influences into my life.

There is a certain unconditional joy that comes through creating and being creative.

To achieve a constant mindstate of no-mind, in which there are no limits or boundaries to the posibilities that life may give, is a wonderful experience.

It seems that the more that our personal problems are focused upon, the more these problems elude us in life. In order to counter act that, by focusing on the positive aspects of life, of everything even in nature, that which we desire will eventually come to fruitition in ways I possibly can't imagine yet.

But the biggest thing is TRUST especially in oneself and allowing oneself to follow a gut feeling that tells you when something feels right and something feels wrong.

By believing that the universe will allow things to happen within my reality if I allow them to happen internally first, I hope to achieve a livelihood that not only supports me but lets me flourish in the world.

This all might sound hella crazy but considering that possibility that this will work may actually set anyone who chooses to believe it to be free for life.

Suddenly life has become a constant freestyle session. By allowing the rhythm of life's music to take control, and following a gut feeling that simply feels right, joyous, and prosperous, everything will set itself into a positive movement, this is what I believe.


  1. heh.

    "You are really inspiring, Troy."
    -Christina, from Stylez