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Saturday, September 5, 2009

What do I want now?

It's best to let go of stopping oneself from facing fears.
I don't want a job. At all. Ever.
I don't want to work for someone else, I'd rather work for myself to help someone else.
Suddenly it seems the easiest way to generate income would be to start a business that thrives from the start.
This is a list of things that I really DO want.

What do I want now?
I want a healthy relationship with Aye
I want to be a better boyfriend
I need to learn Japanese
I want to be a better dancer
I want to be a better artist
I want to support my family
I want to be financially stable
I want to change for the better
I want to be a great prospering artist
I want to be surrounded by great people
I want to be surrounded by consciously aware individuals
I want to be awake and alive
I want to be energized
I want to live an exciting lucid dream of countless possibilities
I don't want a job, I want to start a business
I want a revolution in my life
I want to cultivate artistic creativity
I want to be courageous
I want to tackle problems swiftly and effectively
I want an exciting and fulfilling life
I want to resonate at a high frequency
I want to live
I choose to do my best and live with these thoughts in mind
I want to let go of relying on my mind as opposed to my intuition
I want my mind to be aligned with what I want to accomplish
I want my actions to resonate with my words
I want my thoughts to guide me on a clear positive path to accomplishing my goals
I want life to be exciting and fulfilling
Everyday has the possibility for change
Each passing moment creates more opportunities

I need help to accomplish what I've set out to do
Times are tough and financial issues are terribly hard to overcome.
I could technically get a job, but how much better would it be to use creativity to thrive?
I'd like to get my own studio, maybe even my own house and turn it into a sanctuary for others.
I'd like to finish school

I could use loans, grants, donations, anything to help me get started without worrying about money. I want to change and help motivate others to change life for the better.
Life shouldn't be hard to figure out.
I want life to be more simple, and fun.

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  1. Man, don't we all wish life were more simple and fun. Being an artist is hard, and what's harder is supporting yourself financially through art. Sometimes you have to wade through life, through jobs you don't want, through bills, through everything, to get to where you want to be. Just gotta have a plan, and take action.